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I have nothing but great things to say about my experiences with MBC.  The unfortunate circumstances that I underwent all ended peacefully and allowed me to get back to concentrating on my business thanks to MBC's advice and direction.  My business has grown and much of that is due to a strong team of employees which MBC helped to solidify for me.

-- Name withheld on request



I am extremely happy with MBC service.  They are always looking out for me and I truly appreciate that.  Dirk and Mariana are the greatest!

-- Dr. Matthew Gewarges



I want to thank you and your team for everything you have done for us. It has been a very positive experience and I feel I am well positioned with respect to the mountain of legislation and regulations we have to deal with....I was expecting fear or resistance but everybody was relaxed and accepting. I think the signing bonus helps a lot to take the sting out of it. ...Thanks again. It was much smoother than I expected.

-- Dr. Fiona Hodkinson



From the start of our business relationship, and continuing to this day, the MBC team’s professional, caring and friendly approach always reassured me that they really do care and they are on our side to guide us, help us grow and protect our businesses.

-- Dr Lucia Ambrochi



Thanks for thinking things through.  You sure take care of business.

-- Mr Marvin Godelewicz



I recently sold my dental practice with the benefit of MBC's Practice Protection Package™ in place.  Like any smart business would, I wanted to reduce unnecessary exposure by utilizing the basic legal protocols available and gain peace of mind.  MBC's PPP™ package provided a simple solution that allowed me to avoid the costly employment issues that can cloud -- and even foil -- a sale transaction.  I am thrilled with my return on investment in purchasing MBC's comprehensive package.  It is a must for every prudent small business!

-- Name withheld to protect confidentiality



Out of all the lawyers that I've dealt with (and I've dealt with quite a few), I am the most impressed with Mariana Bracic. She is so knowledgeable, quick to reply and professional. I am so grateful because she made a very difficult situation for me much easier.

-- Dr. Jones Chan, Acton



Not transitioning to proper contracts as an employer is the same as practicing any healthcare profession without malpractice insurance.  The contracts saved me far more money than the initial investment.  Your really have no idea for whom and when you will need to rely on your contracts. Proper contracts are a cost of doing business properly… [With] MBC Legal all of the work is done for you with some very basic input and delivered in a ready-to-go format. Highly recommended.

-- Dr Carlo Biasucci



This service is a must if dentists wish to protect themselves. Planning for the long-term, I have peace of mind that I am able to transition effectively to proper and comprehensive employment contracts with my staff. MBC will put in a 200% effort to conclude the implementation of contracts and an effective workplace manual. I am impressed.  The cost is worth every cent. Thank you very much. I can sleep better!

-- Dr Andres Traverse



Working with MBC has really fast-tracked my ability to implement the new systems that I want in place at my practice.  When I first bought my practice, it took me 5 years to get it where I wanted it to be.  And now with the further changes I want to implement, the Practice Protection Package™ has allowed me to accomplish more in this one week than I was able to in my first year of owning my practice.

-- Dr. Andre Tam



Overall experience was fantastic. Well organized with excellent follow up. Very personable and service oriented. I would highly recommend MBC without reservation. Engage their services early on…if possible. Sound advice delivering a sound product.

-- Dr. Colin Zides, Select MD



I was extremely satisfied with the quality of material and service and the value for my investment.

-- Dr. John Jeffrey



Very valuable.  A must for any practice.  Very professional people to work with.  Our concerns were addressed quickly and professionally.

-- Dr. Izchak Barzilay



Highly recommended. An excellent investment...Exemplary professionalism. Prompt, organized and clear responses to ALL questions...Excellent listening and communication skills...extremely pleasant...I can’t think of the last time I was so impressed with anyone’s customer service!!!!

-- Dr. Matt Illes, Vermilion Dental, Burlington




Thank you for your great professional advice and the Practice Protection Package™ for my dental practice. I subsequently had my practice appraised and sold and the HR issues were resolved to our mutual satisfaction. The transition went very well for both parties.  Your work on our behalf certainly made a big difference in that whole process.  I have now fully retired--a great way to finish. Keep up the great work for members of our great profession.

-- Dr. Jerry (& Janet) Heerema

Professional schools don't prepare doctors for the intricacies of Canadian employment law, which is among the riskiest parts of any business.  Without the essential tools (like proper employment contracts and policy manuals) doctors expose themselves to unnecessary risks that can affect their careers and their lives with devastating financial and emotional consequences.  MBC's PPP™ has helped my clients gain peace of mind knowing that their practice is protected.  In my opinion, the PPP™ is as essential to every doctor as malpractice insurance.

-- Sandie Baillargeon, Business Analyst/Dental Practice Management Advisor, DOCS,



I think MBC provides a fantastic service for physicians and dentists, and address a chink in the armour most of them have.

-- David Harris, President, Prosperident

   (North America's leader in the detection and investigation of frauds committed against dentists.)


Market data proves that a PPP™ will increase sale price significantly.

-- Timothy A. Brown, CEO of ROI Corporation


Increasingly practice purchasers are paying more and more attention to employment issues.  A PPP™ will not only increase the value of your practice today, it will give you more flexibility and protection even if you are not selling.

-- Bill Henderson, President, Tier Three Brokerage



With the complexities of employment law and the significant potential liabilities to employers, it is critically important that specialized, employment-law advice be obtained.  Whether it be for new practice start-ups, acquisitions, or growing practices, MBC Legal's expertise and guidance has proven to be invaluable to my clients.

-- John McMillan, LL.B., Corporate Lawyer

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Extremely useful--Best advice ever given.

-- Dr. Jacqueline Lindo, Ajax



Should be mandatory for all dentists and physicians-of equal value to new practitioners and those approaching retirement.

-- Dr. Kevin L. Roach, Pembroke



Extremely informative; very organized, all topics explained in layman's terms.

-- Ms. Ananda Sketchley, Toronto



Essential information in today's litigious environment.

-- Dr. Barbara Hori, Toronto



Everyone needs this information and needs to implement it now.

-- Dr. Laura Hudgins, Peterborough



Go, definitely.

-- Dr. Steve Flewelling, Toronto



Might save you a year of stress & a ton of $$.

-- Dr. David R. Miller, Oshawa



Must attend.

-- Dr. Tim Johnston, Kitchener



Take it.

-- Dr. Teresa Nowak, Etobicoke



Opened my eyes to the potential pitfalls in running a business. Thank you very much.

-- Dr. Richard Schmidt, Brampton



A definite must.

-- Dr. Karim Nanji, Uxbridge and Stouffville



You need it!

-- Dr. Bernie Gryfe, Toronto


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