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"I am extremely happy with MBC service.  They are always looking out for me and I truly appreciate that.  Dirk and Mariana are the greatest!"


    -- Dr. Matthew Gewarges



"From the start of our business relationship, and continuing to this day, the MBC team’s professional, caring and friendly approach always reassured me that they really do care and they are on our side to guide us, help us grow and protect our businesses."


     -- Dr Lucia Ambrochi



"Thanks for thinking things through.  You sure take care of business."


     -- Mr Marvin Godelewicz



"Out of all the lawyers that I've dealt with (and I've dealt with quite a few), I am the most impressed with Mariana Bracic. She is so knowledgeable, quick to reply and professional. I am so grateful because she made a very difficult situation for me much easier."


     -- Dr. Jones Chan, Acton



"Overall experience was fantastic. Well organized with excellent follow up. Very personable and service oriented. I would highly recommend MBC without reservation. Engage their services early on…if possible. Sound advice delivering a sound product."


     -- Dr. Colin Zides, Select MD



"Very valuable.  A must for any practice.  Very professional people to work with.  Our concerns were addressed quickly and professionally.


     -- Dr. Izchak BarzilayDr. Tim Johnston,




"Highly recommended. An excellent investment...Exemplary professionalism. Prompt, organized and clear responses to ALL questions...Excellent listening and communication skills...extremely pleasant...I can’t think of the last time I was so impressed with anyone’s customer service!!!!"


     -- Dr. Matt Illes, Vermilion Dental,


Mariana Bracic, BA, JD    (Click for bio)

Partner, MBC Legal; President, MBC Information Solutions Inc.


Tel: 905-825-2268 x111


Dirk de Lint , BA, MA, LLB    (Click for bio)

Partner, MBC Legal; Director, MBC Information Solutions Inc.


Tel: 905-825-2268 x118


Cheryl Hutchings-Sharron

Legal Services Manager


Cheryl joined MBC's A-list team in 2009.  She brings a dental background as a CDA II.  Cheryl loves working at MBC with our wonderful clients and our incredible MBC team.  In her spare time, Cheryl enjoys spending time with her awesome family and their newest family member, Oscar an Australian Sheppard dog.


Tel: 905-825-2268 x151


Joanne Clarke

Law Clerk


Tel: 905-825-2268 x152


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