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"As a busy physician, it is at times difficult to deal with the business side of things.  In particular, staff issues and the legal responsibilities that define our obligations to them can be quite obscure and daunting.  Recently, I engaged the firm of MBC legal to develop contracts for my employees.  The value of this investment was observed when I had to terminate one of my staff.  Thanks to the work of MBC legal, I saved many thousands of dollars that would have otherwise had to be paid to the departing employee, and the team of MBC legal guided me and supported me throughout the process.  In general, I do not endorse anything unless I believe in the issue and can see its value.  To this end, I am happy to recommend the firm of MBC legal without hesitation.  My decision to use this group of specialized employment lawyers was one of the smartest things I have done in business!"


-- Jason K. Rivers MD, FRCPC, FAAD



This service is a must if dentists wish to protect themselves. Planning for the longterm, I have peace of mind that I am able to transition effectively to proper and comprehensive employment contracts with my staff. MBC Legal will put in a 200% effort to conclude the implementation of contracts and an effective workplace manual. I am impressed.  The cost is worth every cent. Thank you very much. I can sleep better!


-- Dr Andres Traverse



Highly recommended. An excellent investment...Exemplary professionalism. Prompt, organized and clear responses to ALL questions...Excellent listening and communication skills...extremely pleasant...I can’t think of the last time I was so impressed with anyone’s customer service!!!!


-- Dr. Matt Illes

   Vermilion Dental,  Burlington



Out of all the lawyers that I've dealt with (and I've dealt with quite a few), I am the most impressed with Mariana Bracic. She is so knowledgeable, quick to reply and professional. I am so grateful because she made a very difficult situation for me much easier.


-- Dr. Jones Chan, Acton



Mariana and her team were extremely professional and courteous.  The experience was extremely positive and valuable!


-- Ms. Mariela Gonzalez



Good value for money.  Prompt service, and good advice.  Peace of mind alone is well worth the cost.


-- Name withheld on request



I have nothing but great things to say about my experiences with MBC.  The unfortunate circumstances that I underwent all ended peacefully and allowed me to get back to concentrating on my business thanks to MBC's advice and direction.  My business has grown and much of that is due to a strong team of employees which MBC helped to solidify for me.


-- Name withheld on request



MBC works extensively with healthcare sector employers to protect their businesses from costly lawsuits and other legal problems.  Here is how we can help you:

  • > Practice Protection Package™ (The PPP™)  (click to view)

    The Dramatic Legal Benefits:


    Our extremely popular Practice Protection Package™ will bring the following enormous benefits to your practice, for the lifetime of your practice/clinic, for a one-time flat fee:

  • > Consultations  (click to view)

    Telephone, email or in person

  • > Termination Packages  (click to view)

    Termination Packages (including on-site support, if desired!)

  • > Workplace Investigations  (click to view)

    Workplace investigations are becoming increasingly commonplace in Canada because of the extremely high expectations the law places on us as employers.  Here are the most typical situations that call for an investigation for our clients:


         • An employee files a harassment or discrimination complaint;


         • There is an allegation that an employee engaged in inappropriate workplace



         • The workplace has become "poisoned" and dysfunctional;


         • A concern that a human rights application or complaint under occupational health

           and safety legislation will be filed, or a lawsuit initiated;


         • The doctor wishes to terminate an employee for inappropriate conduct but needs

            to support the decision legally.


    In these situations, the Courts expect that an investigation will be conducted, and that it will be done properly.  Employers who fail to do so are increasingly being punished at law.  If you have a situation that you believe may call for a workplace investigation, contact usWe are always on your side.

  • > Employment Law Courses  (click to view)

    It is not uncommon for employers to spend $30,000 to $50,000 defending just one wrongful dismissal lawsuit. To keep on a level playing field with their increasingly savvy employees, employers need to get information up front, before they get into legal trouble. You may come to regard taking one of these courses as the single best practice management step you have ever taken.

  • > Employment Risk Assessment™  ("ERA")   (click to view)

    Employment Risk Assessment™ ("ERA")


    Are you purchasing a practice? Congratulations! It's both exciting and stressful, isn't it?  What do you need to know about employment law as a purchaser?


    As a purchaser, the single-biggest risk to you in a practice purchase arises from the potential liabilities related to staff.  When we are consulted by potential purchasers asking what they need to know about employment law in Canada, the most important thing we need to advise them of is this:  the total price that you pay for the practice will not be set out in the Purchase and Sale Agreement.  To that price, you need to add what it will cost you to fix the practice's employment law problems in the 24 months or so post-closing. The latter amount can easily add six figures to your purchase price (as we often see in our work when doctors unfortunately wait until months after closing and the development of significant problems, before they contact us).  We have extensive experience working with respected corporate lawyers in the health care field to provide the specialized employment law advice that is essential to a smooth purchase.  Contact us before you purchase a practice for a Employment Risk Assessment™ ("ERA").  An ERA will contribute significantly to your family's assets, give you enormous protection for your new investment, and provide you with priceless peace of mind.



  • > Accessibility for Patients Program (click to view)

    Accessibility for Patients Program


    Our AODA Customer Service Program is designed to “do it all” for you to ensure your compliance with the Accessibility Standards for Customer Service regulation under the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act, 2005.  We will (1) conduct an assessment of the assistive measures and devices in your office and your preferences regarding various aspects of compliance via telephone; (2) prepare your Program for you in accordance with the legislation, and (3) visit your office to deliver your Program to you and to train your staff.



  • > Anti-Violence Program

    Anti-Violence Program


    What every doctor should know about Workplace Violence Prevention Compliance.

    click to read more

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