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Practice Protection Package™


The Dramatic Legal Benefits:


Our extremely popular Practice Protection Package™ will bring the following enormous benefits to your practice, for the lifetime of your practice/clinic, for a one-time flat fee:

“Market data proves that a PPP™ will increase sale price significantly.”


                             --  Timothy A. Brown

                                  CEO of ROI Corporation





“Increasingly practice purchasers are paying more and more attention to employment issues.  A PPP™ will not only increase the value of your practice today, it will give you more flexibility and protection even if you are not selling.”


                             -- Bill Henderson, President,

                                Tier Three Brokerage





“With the complexities of employment law and the significant potential liabilities to employers, it is critically important that specialized, employment-law advice be obtained.  Whether it be for new practice start-ups, acquisitions, or growing practices, MBC Legal's expertise and guidance has proven to be invaluable to my clients.”


                            -- John McMillan, LL.B.,

                                Corporate Lawyer


I wish I’d got a PPP™ sooner because then I’d already have my dream team in place.


                              -- Dr. Jarek Foksa




individual contracts for each of your staff that will offer you the maximum legal power and protection possible at law  (and that may save you tens of thousands of dollars or even six figures in termination payments alone per employee);


a comprehensive Workplace Policy Manual for your office that will help you ensure compliance with your regulatory obligations and to manage your staff easily;


the necessary intellectual property rights in the form of a legal licence to use the documents we prepare for you with future hires in your practice throughout the remainder of your practice/clinic; (this right is transferable to a purchaser of your practice - and has enormous market value!)


user-friendly Precedent Templates in electronic form so that you can conveniently prepare contracts for future hires going forward and make any necessary changes to your policies; and


the legal advice and support you need to implement the transition in a smooth and legally effective manner.



Please contact us for more information or to begin working with MBC to prepare your Practice Protection Package™

Who is singing our praise?

Professional schools don't prepare doctors for the intricacies of Canadian employment law, which is among the riskiest parts of any business.  Without the essential tools (like proper employment contracts and policy manuals) doctors expose themselves to unnecessary risks that can affect their careers and their lives with devastating financial and emotional consequences.  MBC's PPP™ has helped my clients gain peace of mind knowing that their practice is protected.  In my opinion, the PPP™ is as essential to every doctor as malpractice insurance.


-- Sandie Baillargeon, Business Analyst

    Dental Practice Management Advisor, DOCS



I think MBC provides a fantastic service for physicians and dentists, and address a chink in the armour most of them have.


-- David Harris, President, Prosperident

   (North America's leader in the detection and investigation of frauds committed against dentists.)



Because I delayed implementing proper contracts, termination pay and legal fees for two employees cost me several times what it would have cost me to implement contracts for my whole staff!


-- Name withheld on request



I was surprised and relieved to find out that I could put into place a contract with my staff, even though they had already been working for me for many years.  I sleep better at night now.


-- Dr. Ingrid Jarvis



MBC makes the contract process straightforward and their personal care and attention is outstanding.  It was a pleasure working with Mariana.


-- Name withheld on request



Mariana Bracic and staff are the utmost professionals and were available throughout the entire process of transitioning.  No detail is too small to address and no problem too big to solve for Mariana.  It’s been a long time since someone has impressed me as much with their knowledge, hard work and professionalism.


-- Name withheld on request




Thank you for your great professional advice and the Practice Protection Package™ for my dental practice. I subsequently had my practice appraised and sold and the HR issues were resolved to our mutual satisfaction. The transition went very well for both parties.  Your work on our behalf certainly made a big difference in that whole process.  I have now fully retired--a great way to finish. Keep up the great work for members of our great profession.


-- Dr. Jerry (& Janet) Heerema





Many years ago now, I worked with MBC to transition all my staff to gold-standard contracts and policies.  Recently, I had to terminate an employee with over twenty years of service, for just cause.  Despite a claim from a prominent local lawyer that would have totaled in the six figures (factoring in the employee's claim, her legal fees--which I would have been responsible for had she won--and my legal fees) the employee and her lawyer walked away with nothing. I'm so grateful to MBC for being so thorough with my transition to bullet-proof contracts and policies!


-- Dr. Andre Traverse

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